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Sickness and wool socks

Hi guys,

I have finally decided to be more active, and no this is not like the last couple of times when I just have said it and not been active at all. I am really going to try this time.
So I recently got sick and I have basically stayed in bed since Friday. I have basically been living in my black tights from Faded Glory and wool socks.

DSCN48612My beautiful lunch today, looks delicious and tastes delicious. Comment for more pictures of my food, ha ha.

For those who may have been wondering what I have been doing at school. I have been practicing for some big tests. On Wednesday I had a big Spanish test and I messed it up because I get very anxious when I need to talk in front of people. And on Thursday I had a big English test and my teacher messed up the clock so I thought I had one more hour to finish my test, but I hadn’t. I guess this wasn’t my week because at Friday I even got sick after going to floorball training.

If anyone wonders I will do an April 2015 monthly favorites bog post, but it will be out around 5th May, because I haven’t yet had a chance to take the pictures and do the writing part. A spring wishlist is also coming soon together with more lifestyle posts, so stay tuned.

Xo, Eli

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